People are at the heart of our business and enable our customer’s success.

If you are experienced in the field of technology and have experience in recruitment, sales or marketing – TruTalent could offer you the chance to work with some fascinating high-growth technology businesses across the globe.





Why We are Different?

Whatever your background, TruTalent offers you the ability to develop in a number of areas including talent acquisition, sales coaching, marketing and Infrastructure services such as HR, payroll and legal.

Whilst working with TruTalent you will get the chance to work with a variety of clients across a breadth of service areas, unparalleled with many other companies.

In addition, because of the variety of geographies our clients are based, we are able to offer a remote and flexible working culture. Whether you need to balance work and family commitments or simply enjoy the benefit of being able to work remotely anywhere in the world, TruTalent is able to offer this to you.

If you are interested in a discussion, please email our Founder and CEO directly at Chris will contact you directly for a follow-up conversation.